NZ automotive repair certifiers

The Repair Certifiers Association (RCA) is a group of professional panel beaters

appointed by the NZ Transport Agency. Repair Certifiers inspect, coordinate and certify, validated body repairs which are performed on used vehicles entering the New Zealand fleet.  An entry level vehicle could be a used import, a vehicle that has been deregistered by an insurer, or a vehicle that has a lapsed registration.

Members include:

Tony McHugh


Duncan Morrison


Bob Kistemaker


Ewen Darling

New Plymouth

Deane McMillan


To contact your local RCA member, please click here.

Helpful links:

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  5. Wheel Alignment Course Dates (via Unitec)
  6. Heavy Vehicle Certifiers List 

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To become an authorised automotive Repair Certifier, a panel beater must apply

to the NZ Transport Agency. They are expected to sit and pass proficiency tests to

a high standard. If you are interested in joining the RCA, please contact us for an application pack and access to an approved induction course.

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