About VSF

Supporting the New Zealand automotive industry

The Vehicle Service Federation (VSF) specialises in providing advice, support, information and resources to the NZ automotive industry and the wider motoring community. As a member of the VSF, you’ll receive access to affordable services, specialist knowledge, advocacy and lobbying, training, and become part of a supportive community of like-minded automotive professionals.

VSF – History

about-imgEstablished in 1961, the federation was formed under the name ‘New Zealand Service Station Proprietors Federation (Inc.)’. Some two decades later the name was changed to ‘Service Station Federation (Inc)’ before adopting the current name in 1996 to reflect the changing dynamics of the automotive industry.

Between 2005 and 2008 the VSF assisted in the formation of the Repair Certifiers Association, the Vehicle Compliance Association, and Vesia.

Today our mission is the same as it was then – to meet the needs of our members, solve industry problems, and support the NZ automotive industry as a whole. For many years we represented owners and operators in wage negotiations in Wellington.

Now closely involved with the NZ Transport Agency, Unitec, MIT, Mito, CRA, VIA, LVVTA, MIA and fellow organisations.

Our structure

Governed by a board of directors, the VSF is run by past or present owners of NZ automotive businesses who have displayed leadership, expertise, and an invested interest in the success of the New Zealand automotive industry. Members include:

Neville Boyd

Allan Murray

Tony McHugh
Chairman of the Repair Certifiers Association

Dennis Miller

Brendon Cartwright
Christchurch Executive

Peter Kung
Vesia Executive

Deane McMillan
Wellington RCA and VSF Representative

Join other NZ automotive professionals

Become a member now to receive a number of benefits, as well as networking opportunities and support from the NZ motor vehicle industry.

With the correct qualifications, you can apply to become a member of Repair Certifiers Association or a Recognised Repairer with Vesia.